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About Tapped

Tapped is an executive search firm that places women in corporate leadership roles. We have spent years curating a network of highly qualified female VPs and C-level executives, and we are constantly growing this portfolio of contacts. We work with our clients to solve business problems through the placement of qualified - and often untapped - executive talent. We are focused on increasing the number of women in the C-suite through our work with forward-thinking clients.

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About the Founder

Lauren Argenti Rawlings is an executive search consultant driven by her passion to place women in executive leadership. Earlier in her career, she helped to found Trewstar, a search firm that places women on corporate boards. Lauren was also a recruiter at SPMB, the top executive search boutique in Silicon Valley. She holds a BA in Philosophy from Columbia University.

Lauren has experience working on searches across industries, sectors, and geographies. Her goal is to achieve gender parity in US corporate leadership.

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